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Dating hh

dating hh

T13:45:09 - 9 "ss" The second, from 00 through.
Back to table The "h" custom format hitta sexualbrottslingar nära ditt hem specifier The "h" custom format specifier represents the hour as a number from 1 through 12; that is, the hour is represented by a 12-hour clock that counts the whole hours since midnight or noon.
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The following example includes the "fff" custom format specifier in a custom format string.The minute represents whole minutes that have passed since the last hour.T13:45:30 - 06 "MMM" The abbreviated name of the month.If the year has fewer than four digits, the number is padded with leading zeros to produce four digits.WriteLine Unable to parse '0 value / The example displays the following output: / 04:50 PM PDT / 12/25/2016 12:00:00 PM Imports obalization Module Example Public Sub Main Dim fmt As String "dd MMM yyyy hh:mm tt "pst" Dim dat As New Date(2016, 8,.Note that the string is included in the result string, and that a string that includes the local time zone string also parses successfully.The number of "F" format specifiers used with the ParseExact, TryParseExact, ParseExact, or TryParseExact method indicates the maximum number of most significant digits of the seconds fraction that can be present to successfully parse the string.If the "z" format specifier is used without other custom format specifiers, it is interpreted as a standard date and time format specifier and throws a FormatException.WriteLine 0:h dat1 Console.' Unable to convert ' ' to a date and time.T13:45:30.6175400 - 61754 T13:45:30.0000050 - (no output) "ffffff" If non-zero, the millionths of a second in a date and time value.Custom date and time format strings can be used with both.T13:45:30 (h h) - 1 h Any other character The character is copied to the result string unchanged.With DateTimeOffset values, this format specifier represents the DateTimeOffset value's offset from UTC in hours and minutes.The AM designator is used for all times from 0:00:00 (midnight) to 11:59:59.999.If the year has more than three significant digits, they are included in the result string.
DateTime date1 new DateTime(2008, 1, 1, 6, 9, 1 String H:mm:ss variantCulture / Displays 6:09:01 Dim date1 As Date #6:09:01AM# String H:mm:ss _ variantCulture) ' Displays 6:09:01 Back to table The "HH" custom format specifier The "HH" custom format specifier (plus any number of additional.
The following table describes the custom date and time format specifiers and displays a result string produced by each format specifier.